“Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realise the truth: there is no spoon.”

Do you remember that line from the Matrix film?

It’s in the scene where the kid explains to Neo how he manages to bend the spoon with just his googly eyes.

“The truth is: there is no spoon.”

Meaning, it’s all in your head.

And as soon as you understand that, you can figure the Matrix out and start bending its rules.

The question is: is it really possible that a positive change with extraordinarily practical implications be as simple as changing what you believe?


We are all of us confined by our limiting belief systems that lock us into one way of living, seeing and experiencing life. And we often assume that it can’t be changed. We repeat our days endlessly with the same worries and wonder why we feel stuck. We stress and live in constant fear because we buy into ”the real world”, which is really just an illusion dished out to us from birth.

We think there is a spoon and we don’t believe we can bend it.

I hear people say “well that’s all very neat but we do live in the real world Amy and we have all these issues”.

Then they return to their fear-based thinking convincing themselves of all the ways the world could fall apart. With that negative fantasy established, they then cater to all their fears by creating constant limitation and convincing themselves that they are helpless in the face of doom.

But with all this negative imagining, we create the very thing we are trying to avoid.

The trick is to stop buying into the way we are told the world is. Take a deep breath and let go of the collective narrative that tells us it’s hard or a constant struggle.

Let go of all that spoon-fed caca.

There is something very real happening right now if you pay attention. Your heart is beating. You are breathing. The flowers are blooming. The clouds are floating by. Can you notice it? That is something real that is happening right now in this very moment. What else could be real? What other fantastic treasures could life behold if only you open your eyes?

We waste so much time in negative fantasy and spend so little time in the present moment where reality is actually happening. When we step into the moment, we render ourselves more receptive to creative ideas and become less inclined to addictive thinking, doubt and anxiety. We start to impact the world more and subsequently everything improves radically.

We finally realise there is no spoon.

Next time you find yourself worrying, tell yourself to stop. Notice this moment. Pay attention to your heart beating and your breath breathing itself without you having to do much. It’s a bloody miracle. You are an utterly incredible being capable of infinite things.

And when you can speak and act from this exciting, imaginative and empowering place, you become a true warrior.

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– Amy