Amy’s Radical Business Presence Masterclass is geared towards achieving results. And as promised, she has helped us radically shift the way we communicate. Not offering a ‘generic off-the-shelf boxed program’, she served as a trusted and genuine business partner by seeking to fully understand our specific needs,  tailoring her proven methodology, modelling all of the behaviours that she teaches and partnering with us to deliver a truly unique program that has enabled our Key Account Managers to distinguish themselves from that of our competitors. Working with Amy on Presence was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience.

Andrew Wood

Organisational Development, Swarovski North America

When I chose to work with Amy, I didn’t just want to work with someone who was only experienced in coaching people for conference speeches. I wanted to go back to the source of how people communicate. Back to how it’s done in the theatre, by actors who are unparalleled in really telling human stories. That’s why it was a delight and privilege to get her guidance, and a glimpse into a far more compelling way to speak, than simply ‘delivering’ something, as if one was a van driver. Inside only one hour and a half session, I learnt skills in speaking and even breathing that I never knew existed. I learned more in that time than in any other 90 minute period. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Mike Butcher

Editor of TechCrunch

I've worked with Amy a couple of times - at conferences and when she worked with the Techstars London companies in 2018. She's incredible to work with - as someone who's been on stage herself, she really gets where companies are coming from and what tension, nerves and anxiety feels like. She's not afraid to crack the whip if people aren't taking things seriously - which is occasionally the case. Similarly, she's great at being a good cop when the occasion calls for it. At Startup Istanbul and with our Techstars batch, she was working a ton of folks for whom English wasn't their first language. Her skills, empathy and ability meant that everyone who did our program absolutely nailed it on their demo day. More importantly - she got people to tell their stories - things that would resonate with the audience as human beings rather than an auto-pitch-generator. Understanding that fundamental human understanding of narrative is so unbelievably crucial in every business - and Amy's one of the best I've ever worked with at drawing that out.

Eamonn Carey

CEO of Techstars, London

The mainstream corporate sector tends to be rather dry and conservative. Presentations created in such an environment are therefore often a bit “samey” and traditional. Amy encouraged me to challenge those standards and helped create something that was more fresh and distinctive. But Amy is not trying to encourage quirky rebellion – she understands the commercial world and recognises the constraints that we face. Her advice and techniques allowed me to move away from some of the more sedate corporate norms and inject some new life into presenting. She helped me in three clear ways: first by suggesting specific methods and practices; second by injecting the confidence to adopt them; and third by practising the lessons learned with a specialist. The 90 minutes I spent with Amy sped by, but by the end of the session I really believed that I now had the wherewithal to deliver a presentation that would get noticed – for the right reasons!

Stewart Robertson

Chief Economist - Aviva Investors

Amy just rocks. She's got this innate ability to connect with others, on a human level, and she works hard to earn the trust of each and every startup founder. This means two things - she helps people tell stories that really matter, and she gets them to focus on the outcomes that matter, fast. As an investor who's brought her in to help my portfolio startups, what more can I ask for? We at Techstars in Berlin love Amy.

Jas Singh

CEO of Techstars, Berlin

Amy Tez is a fantastic coach. For almost two years, Amy has been running a workshop, as part of our Green Light programme, on how to communicate and present to investors. The startups love her, we love her, and most importantly, the impact she has on the confidence of our startups and their ability to raise seed capital is truly impressive.

John Spindler

CEO, Capital Enterprise

Amy worked alongside the PwC team to deliver coaching for a cohort of 8 companies preparing to pitch for funding from investors. She was extremely flexible and developed content tailored around our programme workshop and specific needs. She really helped to put our founders at ease, enabling them to put their best foot forward and ensure that the focus was on their business and pitch content. All participants had great feedback from the session and felt much better prepared and confident when it came to standing up and presenting on the big day.

Sarina Patel

Series A Programme Manager, PwC

Amy was an excellent partner to work with on my on persona, presentation style and confidence when public speaking. She takes a very different approach to the standard presentation training sessions I have attended in the past. She really helped me to see that your audience are much more engaged by a authentic, genuine and human ‘performance’ guided by your personality, as opposed to a routine and scripted delivery to a ream of slides. To anyone planning to speak in public, whether as a presenter, facilitator or similar, I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of Amy’s expertise. There is something incredibly liberating about standing in an office meeting room, shoes off, back against a wall, learning voice projection techniques from Amy. It was impossible not to smile; it was also impossible not to learn a great deal.

James Moore

Senior Digital Manager, Aviva Investors

Amy's direct approach to coaching is refreshing and transforming. With her sense of humour and heartfelt storytelling, she instantly gets in deep to open you up. To begin with her like this, in a safe place, makes you focus even more on the necessary qualities you need to be a strong leader: assertion, confidence, empathy - and the sometimes most difficult ability to basically screw what others think and just trust yourself. After a session with Amy, I always wish I could carry her around in my pocket and take her out when I need a little push!

Christina Simone

Group Director, Elle and Cosmopolitan

Today’s working environment is always evolving and can be challenging in a number of ways. Leadership is something that the best individuals continuously refine to ensure they are present and the best they can be. Working with Amy has been game-changing and most of all fun. She understands the importance of bringing your whole self to everything that you do and that is as much about mindset as it is about physically being able to exceed. A cross between Simon Sinek and Nancy Duarte – Amy can help anyone bring their A-game to work or personal life.

Anne-Marie McConnon

CMO, Bank of New York Mellon

Amy has worked with us at Iwoca a few times and she gets rave reviews - especially for her practical and personal approach. Amy has had an amazing impact on how we communicate and present ourselves, both internally and externally.

Lara Gilman

Lead at Iwoca

To speak powerfully is to speak authentically. And Amy draws on her wealth of theatrical experience to help people connect with themselves and, as a result, the room. She’s brilliant.

Nick Sabine

CEO of Resident Advisor

Amy's work is truly transformative! Any executive, entrepreneur or leader ought to treat themselves to the powerful experience of connecting with their own words, voice and sonic capacities!

Daniel Karpantschof

CEO of Copenhagen Industries

Working with Amy has been an absolute pleasure – she is thorough, kind, energetic and a true professional. The response to her coaching sessions and talks have not just been strongly attended, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. On a Monday morning at 8am, the sessions have been fully-booked– which can be tough to do! Due to this, we are now running monthly sessions for our members, which they are always looking forward to. Thank you Amy!

India Bailey

Programming Manager, Soho House

We are PR agency focused on deep technology with a very different mission and approach to working. Our teams are quite diverse in skill sets and characters. We worked with Amy to construct a workshop that catered for this diversity and put a very different lens on what a typical PR skill and respective training thy are used to. The result was a non-conformist PR training module that has inspired confidence and team cohesiveness I have not seen before.

Ben Philipson

Managing Director, Marlin PR

I lead a network of 11 European cities who are all aiming to grow digital jobs and businesses in their local economy. Throughout the network we’ve focused on how we need to ‘walk the talk’ and make sure that as cities we communicate effectively with, and in the style of, the digital people and companies we want to support. With this in mind we engaged Amy to support our partners to develop their delivery of a ‘pitch’ for their city that would win hearts and minds – and most importantly, investment! During an intensive and long day, Amy shared a huge range of techniques and guidance and she worked closely with everyone to bring out their inner entrepreneur. There was a significant transformation in both style and confidence and the final pitches were fantastic. It was the perfect way to for the cities to communicate the results of two years of hard work, and a new skill they will all take forward into their future projects.

Tracey Johnson

Director, Digital Media Centre and TechTown

As an experienced business presenter, former stage actor and stand-up comedian, I was shocked at how the nerves were getting to me when I was thrown into the deep end and asked to pitch something on a subject I was relatively new to. All reason was disappearing over the hill rapidly, and my experience was counting for nought, when a friend introduced me to Amy Tez. Within an hour of coaching with Amy, I was back on my feet and then some. She gave me oodles of confidence by putting me in some initially uncomfortable situations. She oozes charm, warmth, empathy and kindness. Mix this with a ferocious grasp of her subject matter and I was transformed. My presentation was a million percent better than it would have been without her help, and I urge anyone who feels even the slightest bit unsure of what they are doing in front of an audience to seek her out. Highly recommended. Thank you once again Amy 🙂

Mark Attwood


Amy rose to the challenge of delivering pitch training to 11 city stakeholders from 10 different European countries of which 9 had English as a second language. The training was fun, informative, intense and above all hugely valuable in helping participants to communicate their key ‘asks’ to partners and funders. The day after the training, participants had to pitch their plans for real to an audience of around 80 in Brussels. It was extraordinary to watch them take on board Amy’s guidance and advice and really go for it. The skills they took away will be valuable in each and every aspect of their professional lives. All in all a great experience.

Alison Partridge

Director, Aurora European Services Ltd

I recently took the time to do a 1 day Pitching Masterclass with Amy Tez, Communication Coach. As an experienced presenter I was delighted with the content and the tips gained on the day which will enable me to do better and more effective presentations/pitches in the future, and most of all it was a fun and enjoyable day. I would highly recommend Amy Tez Communications to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking or presentation skills.

Eamon Ryan

Head of Enterprise, Limerick City and County Councillors

Public speaking is an art form in itself which requires preparation and training. Working with Amy has helped me breakthrough not only my stage fright, but find my personal voice for public speaking. I have been recommending highly Amy to our clients too & have seen powerful transformations in their presentations!

Cecile Baird

Co-Founder Decentrl.Agency & Blockchain For Good

Amy worked with the teams on the Ignite accelerator at a recent event. Her approach is different; challenging the founders to overcome their nerves and fears – and we could see the effects after just a morning's training. Everyone was (and still is!) communicating their business in a much more authentic and relaxed way. We'll definitely get her back in to work with new teams.

Gabriela Matic

Programme Director, Ignite

Amy has a real gift to draw each founder out of their comfort zone to quickly become more natural and confident pitchers. Even before the session is over, our teams are asking when Amy can come back rather than running from her - such skill!

Kate Nutt

Programme Manager, Ignite Tech Accelerator

Amy delivered a brilliant and immersive workshop on pitching and public speaking with University of Westminster entrepreneurial Students in the early stages of building their startups.  She insured each participant had equal attention to address and start overcoming their barriers to being an assertive communicator.  The students left the workshop with a tool kit to work on improving their communication and self-confidence skills. We certainly look forward to working with Amy again.

Shiela Birungi

Entrepreneurship Programme Manager, University of Westminster

Amy was immense helpful in refining my speaking style. She has this amazing way of bringing out your best while helping you to pay attention to the parts of your style you can work on. I greatly recommend her as a speaking coach, for beginners but also for more experienced speakers!

Anna Rose

CEO/Co-founder of Videopath, Creator of

For startup founders looking to gain investment and customers presentation is key. Amy’s warm and fun approach manages to combine group activities with focused individual guidance so that even a 3 hour workshop made a real difference in bringing out the best in our cohort. Thanks Amy!

Julia Rabin

Capital Enterprise

Simply put, Amy is by far the most outstanding performance coach I have met. If you are serious about maximising your career potential, being able to communicate effectively is absolutely essential. Learn from the best!

Andrew Loveday

CEO, Carnaby Films

I have sent several actors to Amy who needed help in their casting technique. They came back to me more compelling in front of the camera. Amy revolutionises their approach and makes them infinitely more employable.

Dan Hubbard

Hubbard Casting: Bourne, King Kong, Tomb Raider

I consider myself truly fortunate to have been mentored by Amy. She helped me radically improve my presenting skills. She questions, challenges the status quo and ultimately inspires. Her coaching helped me to finally relax into my performance and feel confidant. For the first time, I know I can step onto any stage and deliver, without a second thought, resulting in the audience eating out of my hand.

Bernie Katz

Presenter, Manager The Groucho Club

Every week I look forward to class with Amy, excited to see what she brings you to unleash. She is committed to bringing you to as far as you can go and creates a comfortable environment for you to get there. What you learn with Amy will stand to you in your everyday life.

Eavan Murphy