Welcome to my signature private coaching programme.




 for ambitious professionals who feel stuck and want to reinvent their careers in ways they never thought imaginable.



Areas we can uplevel together include:

1. An exciting career progression:
Take your professional life to the next level – fast.

2.  A meaningful career change:
Come alive by finaly aligning your career with your passions.





I work exclusively with winners who want world-class coaching.

I attract ambitious people, renegades and mavericks who are willing to dream an even bigger dream than anyone thought possible.

And since 2015, I have improved the careers (and lives) of over 500 CEOs, HNWIs, entrepreneurs, prominent MPs, executives, diplomats, actors and other high achievers

– like me.


You are someone who is tired of mediocrity. You are someone who wants to live an exceptional life

and is not afraid to take daring action.


After nearly a decade of leadership coaching, I have refined my process to a point of accuracy that will get you the results you want

– if you’re willing to leap.





We do not work in half measures. We do not aim for incremental steps.

Instead, we work by the motto that He who Dares Wins.

And focus on the superior moves that generate exponential results.


This 1:1 training will systematically guide you to discover your power

so that you can finally make the daring shifts needed for your dream career.


The work is counter-intuitive, different and bold.

We go beyond the usual shallow tweaks and play the game of life in a far more creative way.


Most coaches work incrementally. You slowly change habits and hope your career and life aligns.

We will work exponentially.

We shift your self-concept so that you get back in the driving seat and hit the gas.

Time to catapult you out of your current status quo

and into an exciting new world.





The engagements range from half-day intensives to programmes between several months and a year,

with corresponding fees from £4,000 to £50,000.





We will meet for up to two-hours, preferably in person, to:


1. Clarify your dreams and aspirations, and to check whether we can aim even higher.

2. Determine where you are, where you want to get to, and how I can help get you there.

3. Check chemistry and fit.


Note: Confidentiality always guaranteed.


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