You will never go farther than the limits of your chosen identity.

Think about that for a moment.

How can any of us experience exciting progress if we’re not willing to go farther than the limits we have set?

It is your identity that determines how high in life you will reach. It is your identity that will be the deciding factor to whether you have amazing relationships, experience exciting career opportunity and make the kind of money you dream of.

But it is also your identity that will determine how you far will be held back.

For example, if you see yourself as someone who struggles with money, then life will always reflect that back to you. You will never escape that reality and will always have the very financial struggles you fear. These struggles become a part of your identity and your identity shapes your life.

So, if you want to reinvent your life, you have to carefully chose an identity that will propel you forwards and not one that will imprison you in your current reality.

But how do we do this?


You have 2 options:

1. The most popular way is to change your habits incrementally. And if you are consistent enough, then your reality will start to change over time to match these new habits. This is the slow approach and many people give up. Life stays the same.

2. The second method is more daring. It is the road less travelled, and yet, if you are willing to leap, it is the faster and easier approach. Change your identity instantly and then “act as if ” this identity is true for you. Life will automatically follow. You do not wait for your habits to shift before you claim what is yours in life. Rather, you claim what is yours NOW.


I use the second option. We don’t incrementally shift our habits, rather we shift our identity and how we see ourselves. You literally wake up one day and decide to be this new person. You act as if  you already are this person, and subsequently your behaviours align with your new identity. This further solidifies this new bolder you. The process is a self-fulfilling prophecy and, before you know it, life expands.


Consider the following example. When you ask a man who wants to quit smoking if he would like a cigarette, he can either reply:


  • “No thanks, I’m trying not to smoke” and yet still battles with his addiction. He still sees himself as a smoker and still identifies with the struggle to quit. He may well be trying, but therein lies his weak resolve. He will likely fail.
  • Or, he could say “No thanks, I’m NOT a smoker” and simply act as if  he is free of his addiction. He has decided to identify with the freedom from cigarettes and not with his addiction to them. He now sees himself as a non-smoker, and he will likely succeed.


Your identity is monumentally important. To achieve your goals and dreams, you need to change who you are. Your actions then follow your self-image. It’s the most effortless way to transform your life. You simply decide to stop struggling and start living with ease.

I understand. It’s tempting to stay in your comfort zone. We prefer to be “realistic” and unquestioningly join the chorus of negativity of our family, friends, and especially that of social media incessently reminding us “life is hard” and “doom is coming”. Negativity sells, but it also slashes your dreams in two.

Far better to live in the delusion of optimism. It may sound unrealistic, but guess what? The optimists are the ones who get what they want, because they go for it.




If you want to exponentially improve

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