I’ve been abroad for a few weeks taking on some alternative clients – video HERE for those interested in my unusual techniques 😉

Returning to London, I’m reminded of how hard it is to stay authentic and creative in such a fast-paced environment. The pressure is on and we must keep up – even if it means crushing our spirits in the process.

Happy January folks!

But fret not. I bring you an AWESOME antidote to stifling pressure, fear of failure and playing safe at the expense of our enormous creative power.

Welcome to my new signature masterclass, introduced this very week to much success in one of London’s biggest ad agencies.

How to Be a Badass in the Boardroom.


What came up?
Frustrations with playing safe in high-stake meetings.
Never saying what we think.
Struggling to negotiate beyond mediocre results.
Never express our “edgier side” for fear of what others might think.
More a nervous nellie than a kick-ass master.

What results?
Endless meandering meetings.
Business & people lacking edge & moving too slowly.
Playing “good” & fitting in so nothing changes and on we plod.

What did we do instead?
Got real.
Took on risk, lowered our guard & broke a few pointless rules.
Thought for ourselves and explored how bad-ass we can be.
Spoke, acted, negotiated with back-bone.

The aim?
Park our suffocating conformity to ignite our conviction.
Own any room, meeting or moment – no matter what.
Have fun in the process otherwise what’s the point?!?

We also developed a quick


1st Rule:
A badass does not talk about being a badass.

2nd Rule:
A badass does not try to prove they are a badass. They just are.

3rd Rule:
A badass doesn’t do what they “should” or fake it to please anyone. A badass does what they LOVE even if it risks the displeasure of others. They don’t settle for crumbs – they create legacy.

4th Rule:
A badass never gives up on their dreams. They dare to dream big, take on far more risk than the average person, face fears, shake things up and jump in all the way.

5th Rule:
A badass rarely lets their inner critic or the opinions of others stop them reaching for their star. In the process, they learn courage, faith and grit – all essential qualities to major badassery.

6th Rule:
A badass is tough but also kind! They know they don’t need to be an ass-hole to get things done.

7th Rule:
A badass is not afraid of offending others and won’t tread on eggshells to maintain status quo. They say no, push back, express ideas respectfully and disagree with others without being sucked into drama.

8th Rule:
A badass doesn’t waste time on low-level minutiae. Whilst others are distracted by social recognition, a badass keeps focusing on moving forward, warrior-like, towards a big juicy sexy goal.

9th Rule:
A badass always has a sense of humour, never getting too earnest, overly serious or stuck in emotional heaviness. A badass can fly because they take them selves lightly. And fly we must – otherwise we’ll never get anywhere.

10th Rule:
And a badass who breaks any of these rules is the biggest badass of them all.

As challenging as this sounds, it’s nowhere near as painful as waking up in the middle of the night feeling like a truck just parked on your chest, crushing you under the realisation that life is zooming by and you’re yet to embrace how exciting you can be.

Don’t wait. Don’t meander. Don’t settle for half a heart.

Be. More. Badass.

– Amy