We may feel the problem is always the other person, but it rarely is.

The truth is we cannot change others into our perfect wished-for human.

Let’s be honest – it’s hard enough to change ourselves.

What we can change is how we respond. If we learn the tools to face and transform conflict, we can turn the resistance of others into gold.

So when people are acting up, being judgemental, defensive, overbearing, closed, or simply triggering in some way, we can refuse to take the negative bait by becoming passive-aggressive ourselves.

Instead, we can pause, breathe, create a strong boundary around us and then respond in a way that is always inspired – no matter what the other person throws at us.

With a few simple proven techniques, you’ll be surprised at how much power you never knew you had.

And it’s this very power that can transform a flat presentation, muted negotiation or meandering meeting into a thrilling interaction that drives massive results.